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  • 19 February, 2014
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Stern Pinball Custom-Molded, Fully Decorated Hulk “Raging Hulk" Animated Target with Magnet and Ball Interaction "Spinning Tesseract" Cube Target featuring C-O-S-M-I-C spellout awards Stainless Steel Launch Ramp Featuring Back-lit Laser-Cut Avengers-Logo “Black Widow" Ramp with Spinning Target and Diverter “Hawkeye" Ramp Drop Targets spellout H-U-L-K and Stand-up Targets spellout T-H-O-R Standup Targets : 3 "Tesseract," "Hulk Smash" and 3 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents "Loki" Multiball Featuring Physical 3-ball Lock on Right Ramp “Gamma Ray" Ball Eject One Electronically-Controlled Gate to Control Orbit Shots 4 Balls Traditional Red LED Dot Matrix Display Incandescent lighting Traditional Backbox "Latch" Lockdown Bar Black ABS Plastic Bottom Arch Black Powdercoated Front Molding, Legs, Side Armor and Matching Hinges Traditional Coin Door



For almost 50 years The Avengers have delighted fans through comic books, television series and movies. Stern is thrilled to bring the franchise to pinball and provide fans with a new medium through which to enjoy The Avengers. The machine features a dynamic setting that incorporates six iconic Avenger heroes: Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Players help The Avengers assemble to defeat the notorious villain Loki. The Avengers pinball features an animated twisting and pounding custom molded HULK, drop targets and a spinning cube bonus, in addition to plenty of multiball action.

“Throughout the years The Avengers have cultivated a loyal and energetic fan base,” said Gary Stern, founder, CEO and Chairman of Stern Pinball. “Stern is pleased to have the opportunity to give these fans an Avengers pinball game to enjoy for years to come.”

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