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  • 17 February, 2014
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METALLICA PRO VERSION Stern Pinball, Inc., the world’s leading maker of real pinball games, proudly announced today the availability of the Metallica pinball game. The newest addition to the iconic Stern collection of rock and roll machines honors one of the world’s foremost rock bands. Metallica’s notoriously fast tempos and aggressive musicianship sets the tone for an exciting player experience. Players will be able to bang their heads and their flippers to 12 classic Metallica hits including “Master of Puppets,” “One” and “Fade to Black.” Other action-packed game features include an electric chair, snake, grave marker and unparalleled magnetic action.

The Metallica game continues both the Stern Pinball and the Stern family tradition of producing quality pinball machines for young and old. The company traces its lineage to Philadelphia in the 1930s when Sam Stern entered the business of operating pinball games. Sam Stern subsequently became part owner and president of Williams Manufacturing, a pioneer in the pinball industry, and passed his lifelong enthusiasm for the game and the business of pinball to his son Gary Stern who founded Stern Pinball. Today pinball remains one of America’s favorite pastimes.


Metallica PRO


All toys are Stern-Pinball-created along with Metallica and were custom-molded for Stern's Metallica Pinball Electric Chair and animated, writhing 'Sparkey' figurine Ball-Eating Snake w/ ball eject mechanism Illuminated Grave Marker


All ramps in the Metallica pinball models are stainless steel to highlight the band's heavy metal image along with fast pinball action! Stainless Steel Shooter Lane Ramp Stainless Steel left and right ball ramps with illuminated Metallica logo Wire formed ramps left and right (both balls feed back to flippers) TARGETS

Grave Marker 3-Inline Drop Targets Fuel Stand-Up Targets - (two) Captive Ball Target Assembly w/ Stand-Up Target Guitar Pic Stand-Up Target - (four)


Electric Chair Stand-Up Target
Fuel Start Stand-Up Target
Grave Marker Ball Magnet
Electric Chair Ball Magnet
Power Scoop Ball Eject
12 Classic music tracks
Band member custom speech tracks
Brenden Small (Adult Swim) powers voices of Sparkey and The Snake
Electronically-Controlled Up Post - Controls Orbit Shot

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